Property Management Answering Service

answering service for property managers
Property managers know one thing – that emergencies are not confined to office hours – or even waking hours. Your tenants can have an emergency at any time during the night and they expect to reach someone who can help them. This means that you can either give them your cell phone number, sleep with it on your nightstand, and wake up every time it rings. Or, you can hire PCN’s property management answering service and let us handle your calls for you which means that you can sleep well knowing that your tenants and your properties are being taken care of.

How Does PCN’s Property Management Answering Service Work?

When you sign up with PCN, you will give us detailed instructions on how you want each call handled. We cover everything from how you want us to answer the phone, to what questions to ask, to how you want your messages delivered, and in what circumstances you want us to patch calls through to you. Our friendly and professional operators will then be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide excellent customer service to your tenants as an extension of your business. Another service that we provide to some of our property managers is vendor dispatch – when a call comes in needing an emergency repair, we have a list of approved vendors and we will call and schedule the repair all without bothering the property manager.

Popular Services For Property Managers

Vendor Dispatch: Don’t want to be bothered to call and schedule every repair job that needs to be done? With our vendor dispatch service, we are able to call and set appointments with your list of approved vendors when repairs need to be done. This is all done according to your preset instructions, saving you time and hassle.

Call Tracking: Are you running multiple ads? Want to know which ones are most effective? We can give you a separate tracking number to use for each of your ads, then you can check to see which ones are generating the most calls. This allows you to better focus your advertising budget on the best sources.

24 Hour Answering: Tired of having to have your phone with you and on at all times so you don’t miss any calls? With our 24 hour answering service you can break free from your phone (within reason) and still provide the service that your tenants expect. If you are not available, one of our friendly and professional operators will be available to answer, take a message, and patch it through to you if it is an emergency.

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